Who we are?

A highly accomplish and result-driving professionals with more than 15 years of progressive experience through various area such as Finance, Sales, Analysis, Reporting, Forecasting along with the following IT projects. Wide picture of business overall as well as big experience and technical skills is a key for providing strong connection between business processes and technical solutions.

Our mission

  • We intend to improve your business by leveraging your requirements and make it simple
  • We manage your time so you’ll get more done in less time
  • With the latest technology, we simplify your needs and deliver it to your recognizable view
  • Delivering desired data will become possible as soon as you expect

Company overview

We have dedicated our knowledge and experience to developing and implementing business intelligence as the most advance solution to meet your highest criteria. There are no complex tasks for us!

Reporting is an essential and highly valuable part of our philosophy. Our multicultural environment is fueled by creative people who are driven to deliver. We are committed to provide you the most essential self-service and real data reports.

Problem Solving

FMCG Analysis & Reporting

Sales Analysis & Reporting

Financial Analysis & Reporting

Business Consulting & Reporting

Why Choose Us

Business Analytics

We’ll help you make sensible Process Modelling and Improvements (BPM/BPI) that can help you achieve your goals in life along with definition of KPIs and KSIs

General (Excel) Reporting

Excel became table of all tables; Using of Power Pivot / Power Query and VB script in a faster, easier and more efficient way, we implement automation into your reports as a goal of creating beautiful and functional dashboards

BI Reporting

Using the most advance BI tools such as Tableau (dashboard development and Tableau server administration); Microsoft Power BI (dashboards and analytical reports)

Sales Planning & Forecast Analytics

With various and advanced techniques, such as Power Pivot, Power Query, DAX & SQL, we aim to provide quick analysis for very complex business requirements

Financial Data Reporting

With data base frameworks and tools such as SQL / Tableau Power Pivot / DAX we extract and combining data to delivering ad-hoc report with dashboard and significant view

Quick Automation

Making of automated reports, getting the desired data becomes possible in just a few minutes or even just a few seconds

We aim successfully collected all your business needs, translate them into business processes and provide a new approach for getting fast and deep real-time data in current business and various trends.

  • Effective and enthusiastic team with analytical thinking and passion for technology and data
  • Constantly in finding of better solution by automation of process
  • Archiving and delivering the full spectrum of beautiful and easy readable dashboards
  • Use all the data sources that are important to your business
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